Obsidian is the tool I use to write my notes (in Markdown). Obsidian allows me, thanks to its embedded notes function, to cut my notes into small pieces that I then integrate into several notes.
Obsidian Export
Obsidian Export allows me to export my Obsidian Markdown notes into CommonMark format. This is a mandatory step because Hugo does not completely support Obsidian Markdown syntax.
Hugo is a static website generator. It allows me to generate a website directly from my notes (after converting them with Obsidian Export).
PaperMod Theme
PaperMod is the Hugo theme I use for my website. This theme manages the aesthetic part of the content (central part of the website) as well as the navbar and the theme management (light and dark).
Axentix is an awesome frontend framework made by a friend of mine (by the way, thank you Stallos for the help). I used Axentix to add the sidenav to the left and the amazing scrollspy to the right <3.
Github Pages
Github Pages is the place where the website is hosted. I set up a GitHub Action on my repository which builds (with Hugo) and then deploys the website as soon as there is a new commit.