What is this site? 🔮

Since I began my studies, I got into the habit of taking notes. These notes take the form of "Cheat Sheets" and allow me to quickly recall and reuse tools that I've seen and studied.

I decided to publish here my cybersecurity-related notes to share my work (maybe my notes could be useful to others!).

This site is a never-ending work in progress: I am currently in the process of converting my notes to the right format, and I will continue to feed them as I learn.

What can you find here? 🧭

My notes are sorted (for now) into two categories:

Kill Chain

This category gathers notes I use in the different attack stages. They are arranged, kinda like the "Cyber Kill Chain" model, in 6 steps: Enumeration, Vulnerability Assessment, Gaining Access, Foothold, Privilege Escalation, and Post Exploitation.


This category gathers notes that detail the use of the different cybersecurity tools I know (most of them are red team tools, but some of them are blue team). There is no particular organization here: they're sorted in alphabetical order.

Whoami? 🥷

I'm Kaldei, a computer engineering student aiming for a cybersecurity specialization and an insane desire to work as a Pentester!

Disclaimer: Please note that my notes are most likely incomplete and could contain mistakes. If you find one, feel free to reach me 🙂.

Enjoy my website ;)