What can you find here? 🔮

My personal notes about cybersecurity and stuff. Could be useful to someone, so I share them.

These notes take the form of "Cheat Sheets". This allow me to quickly recall and reuse tools that I've encountered. This website is a never-ending work in progress: I am currently in the process of converting my notes to the right format, and I will continue to feed them as I learn new things.

Disclaimer: My notes are more or less updated and most likely contain mistakes or things that will not work. If you find something broken feel free to reach me.

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Kill Chain

This category gathers notes I use in the different stages of an attack. They are arranged, kinda like the "Cyber Kill Chain" model, in 6 steps (Enumeration, Vulnerability Assessment, Gaining Access, Foothold, Privilege Escalation, and Post Exploitation).


This category gathers notes that detail the use of the different cybersecurity tools I encountered (most of them are red team tools, but some of them are blue team). There is no particular organization here: they're sorted in alphabetical order.